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Jun 06,2019

Megawin Announced Her Second 32Kbytes ARM Cortex-M0 MCU─ MG32F02A032


Megawin announced her second 32-bit Cortex®-M0 MCU, named MG32F02A032. The MG32F02A032 provides 32KB Flash and 4KB SRAM. There are 17~44 I/Os in different package types. The MG32F02A032 has various peripherals and high-speed computing capabilities.

The MG32F02A032 works at a high operating speed of 48MHz, has an operating voltage of 1.8V~5.5V, an industrial-grade operating temperature from -40°C to 85°C, and has a parameterized CRC (cyclic redundancy check) hardware to support IEC 60730. The MG32F02A032 has one DMA (direct memory access), which can directly access the internal peripherals, embedded Flash and SRAM. Additional functions include abundant peripheral resources, such as two UARTs (can be set to ISO7816, LIN, SPI master or IrDA interface), one I2C, one SPI, four-channel PWMs (variable type anti dead-zone pulse width modulation), and twelve-channel 12-bit ADC. The MG32F02A032 even has five timers (two 16-bit and three 32-bit timers). Overall, the MG32F02A032 has fast computing capability and diverse I/O interface which could be applied to a variety of situations and applications─especially in the industrial control field, including power tools, auto reclosing devices, wireless charging, stage lamps, and home appliances (atomizers, range hoods, water heaters, rice cookers, beauty equipment etc.).

The MG32F02A032 is available in TSSOP20, QFN32 (5mm x 5mm) and LQFP48 (7 mm x 7mm) package types and its development kits are ready. Please visit our official web site ( for the more detailed information. You can request samples from our agents to launch a development project.

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