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Mar 02,2020

MG86FL/E104 & MG86FL/E508 End Of Life (EOL)


Megawin hereby formally gives End Of Life (EOL) notification that the MG86FL/E104 & MG86FL/E508 will be phased out of production with a Last Time Buy Date of 12.31, 2020.

The suggested replacement device will be named as the MG82F6D08 & MG82F6D17 and will offer superior performance by industrial grade.


EOL Products


This is to notify you of an EOL for the following MG86FL/E104 & MG86FL/E508 package type product(s):


Last Time Buy Date:12-31-2020

Last Time Shipment:03-31-2021

Alternative Solution:Contact Sales


EOL Definitions


    ◆Last Time Buy (LTB) Date


A Last Time Buy opportunity for customers to place one last purchase order for the EOL product. A Last Time Buy Date will be specified and all orders submitted after this date will not be accepted.




    ◆Last Time Shipment


The date when all Last Time Buy orders can be fulfilled and shipped.

Only orders accepted on or prior to the Last Time Buy Date will be available for shipment


EOL Terms and Conditions

•All LTB Purchase Orders are non-cancelable and non-returnable.

•Standard warranty policy will apply.


Suggested replacement Products


* MG82F6D08 is comeing soon at 2021 Q1






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