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Apr 10,2019

Megawin got the orders of MG32F02A series (ARM® Cortex®-M0)


Megawin Technology got the orders of MG32F02A series (ARM® Cortex®-M0 based 32-bit MCUs) in the field of industrial control, smart vender machine and battery management system (BMS). MG32F02A series provide a maximum of 132KB Flash/16KB SRAM, and have programmable pin counts with up to 73 I/Os available. The MG32F02A series offers various peripherals for customer’s requirements and different application scenarios.

The MG32F02A series is based on an ARM® Cortex®-M0 processor core. The operating voltage is from 1.8V to 5.5V and the working temperature is from -40°C to 85°C (Industry Grade). The Flash and SRAM capacities are 132KB/72KB and 16K/8KB. The MG32F02A series also has built-in low-frequency 32 KHz oscillator and two high-precision 11.0592MHz and 12MHz internal oscillators. They could work at 48MHz to the maximum with internal PLL and internal 12MHz oscillators. In addition, the MG32F02A has the following features:
  1. 16-bit i80 EMB (external memory bus) can be connected to an external LCM (LCD module) or external memory (NOR flash/SRAM);
  2. One set of 10-bit current DAC, which has the maximum output of up to 100 KHz;
  3. The parameter CRC (cyclic redundancy check) hardware circuit that supports IEC60730 (The Safety Regulation for Household Appliances);
  4. Three DMA (direct memory access), which can directly access the internal/external peripherals, Flash and SRAM. While operating with DMA, the external SPI Flash can be read and written to the LCM of the EMB interface. The LCM screen can have an animated effect. By using DMA to read SPI Flash and to write to the DAC, there is a voice function that can be used as a tone.

The MG32F02A series offers a wealth of peripherals, including four UARTs (can be set to ISO7816, LIN, SPI slave or IrDA), two I2C, one SPI (master/slave, supports Single SPI, Dual SPI, Quad SPI and Octal SPI), 8-channel PWM (variable type anti dead-zone pulse width modulation ), 16-channel 12-bit ADC, four analog comparators, 7 timers (16-bit timers x2 and 32-bit timers x5), and two watchdog timers with independent internal clock. Overall, the MG32F02A has fast operation capability and rich & diverse interface I/O that can be applied to a variety of situations and applications.

Currently, MG32F02A is available in LQFP48 (7mm x 7mm), LQFP64 (7mm x 7mm), and LQFP80 (10mm x 10mm) packages, all are in mass production. The development kit and the reference codes are ready. Welcome to visit our official web site ( to download the detailed specifications or request samples from our agents.

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