Technical Support

Technical Support

8051 Series issues

Can I tied SS pin to Ground, just use 3 pins for SPI interface?

Yes, but we don*t recommend to do in this way, because SS pin is select device, when SS pin is Low, means always ready to use SPI interface, therefore you need make sure other 3 pins not have data, or may will have some mistake happen.

What is P1~P4 pull up resistance in 89 series MCU?

P1~P4 pull up resistance is about 47K in 89 series MCU, and 82 series MCU pull up resistance show as below:

I/O Mode L(3.3V) type E(5V) type
Quasi-bidirectional 14K 11.8K
Push-Pull output  112.5  130
Input Only X X
Open-Drain Output X X

What*s the power consumption of Megawin 8051 ICs?

The various power consumptions by different modes and types are listed as below:

IC Type Normal Mode Idle Mode Power Down Mode 
  10MHz ~ 64MHz 10MHz ~ 64MHz   
89 series (E type) 9.5mA ~ 26.24mA 
5.43mA ~ 21.32mA 0.6uA ~ 0.64uA 
89 series (L type) 6.26mA ~ 15.02mA 2.5mA ~ 8.17mA 0.41uA ~ 0.45uA 
  2MHz ~ 24MHz 2MHz ~ 24MHz   
82x52 (E type) 5.9mA ~ 15.4mA Idle0 2.2mA ~ 7.1mA  < 0.1uA   
Idle7 1.8mA ~ 4.7mA
82x52 (L type) 4.9mA ~ 12.8mA Idle0 1.4mA ~ 4.6mA  < 0.1uA   
Idle7 1.3mA ~ 2.3mA
82x54 (E type) 5.43mA ~ 15.44mA Idle0 1.93mA ~ 7.04mA < 0.1uA    
Idle7 1.65mA ~ 4.42mA
82x54 (L type) 5.5mA ~ 14.61mA Idle0 1.56mA ~ 5.09mA < 0.1uA    
Idle7 1.29mA ~ 2.33mA
82G516 (2.4V) 2.39mA ~ 11.74mA Idle0 0.99mA ~ 5.03mA Pwdn0 < 0.19uA or < 0.5uA
Idle7 0.51mA ~ 1.10mA Pwdn1 < 0.05uA
82G516 (3.6V) 4.9mA ~ 22.2mA Idle0 1.69mA ~ 9.07mA Pwdn0 < 1uA
Idle7 1.22mA ~ 2.54mA Pwdn1 <0.4uA
82G516 (5.5V) 5.77mA ~ 20.45mA Idle0 2.48mA ~ 10.58mA <1.95
Idle7 2.0mA ~ 5.25mA
  12MHz 12MHz  
MG84FL54B (Vdd_IO=5V) 12mA ~ 18mA 6mA ~ 9mA 0.1 ~ 10uA
MG84FL54B (Vdd_IO=3.3V) 9mA ~ 14.5mA 3.5mA ~ 5.3mA 0.1 ~ 10uA
MG87FE52 (5V) 10mA ~ 20mA 5mA ~ 10mA 0.1 ~ 10uA
MG87FL52 (3.3V) 7mA ~ 15mA 2.5mA ~ 5mA 0.1 ~ 5uA

How much the sinking current is at the pins of P1~P4 by using 89 series MCU?

It*s about 2.5 ~ 4 mA. Please refer to the DC Characteristics of data sheet for more details.

What is default address of AP, IAP and ISP of Megawin ICs factory standard setting?

The default setting is summarized as below:

ITEM AP Address IAP Address ISP Address
MPC89x51 0x0000 ~ 0x0FFF(4KB) 0x1000 ~ 0x37FF(10KB) 0x3800 ~ 0x3BFF(1KB)
MPC89x52 0x0000 ~ 0x1FFF(8KB) 0x2000 ~ 0x37FF(6KB) 0x3800 ~ 0x3BFF(1KB)
MPC89x53 0x0000 ~ 0x37FF(14KB) Non 0x3800 ~ 0x3BFF(1KB)
MPC89x54 0x0000 ~ 0x3FFF(16KB) 0x4000 ~ 0xF7FF(46KB) 0xF800 ~ 0xFBFF(1KB)
MPC89x58 0x0000 ~ 0x7FFF(32KB) 0x8000 ~ 0xF7FF(30KB) 0xF800 ~ 0xFBFF(1KB)
MPC89x515 0x0000 ~ 0xF7FF(62KB) Non 0xF800 ~ 0xFBFF(1KB)
MPC82x52 0x0000 ~ 0x17FF(6KB) 0x1800 ~ 0x1BFF(1KB) 0x1C00 ~ 0x1FFF(1KB)
MPC82x54 0x0000 ~ 0x33FF(13KB) 0x3400 ~ 0x37FF(1KB) 0x3800 ~ 0x3DFF(1.5KB)
MPC82G516 0x0000 ~ 0xEFFF(60KB) 0xF000 ~ 0xFBFF(3KB) 0xFC00 ~ 0xFFFF(1KB)
MG84FL54 0x0000 ~ 0x33FF(13KB) 0x3400 ~ 0x37FF(1KB) 0x3800 ~ 0x3FFF(2KB)
MG87FL(E)52 Configure by software. (AP & IAP share 7K) 0x1C00 ~ 0x1FFF(1KB)
MG87FL(E)2051 0x0000 ~ 0x07FF(2KB) Configure by software 0x1C00 ~ 0x1FFF(1KB)
MG87FL(E)4051 0x0000 ~ 0x0FFF(4KB) Configure by software 0x1C00 ~ 0x1FFF(1KB)
MG87FL(E)6051 0x0000 ~ 0x17FF(6KB) Configure by software. 0x1C00 ~ 0x1FFF(1KB)

How much MIPS in Megawin*s MCU?

MIPS is Million Instructions Per Second , means every second can run how many instructions.

In 89 series MCU and use 12MHz Crystal, MIPS is:

1/12MHz * 12 * 1M = 1 (1/12MHz is a machine cycle, one instruction need 12 machine cycle)

Therefore Megawin*s MCU can run 1M instruction in 1 second, but Megawin*s MCU can set in 6T mode.(one instruction need 6 machine cycle)

So we can get result in Table 1.

If we use 82 series of Megawin*s MCU, therefore 82 series MCU every instruction need different machine cycle,

So we use average 3T, and we can get Table 2.


Therefore we can get result is the max speed in 89 series is 4 MIPS, 82 series is 8 MIPS.

Table 1:

Megawin 89 series MCUL(3.3V) typeE(5V) type
                 MCU Mode
6T 12T
6MHz 1 MIPS  0.5 MIPS
48MHz x 4 MIPS

Table 2:

Megawin 82 series MCUL(3.3V) typeE(5V) type
Crystal 6MHz 12MHz 24MHz

Can I access to Option Register when running the program?

No, you can*t access to Option Register when running the program.

How do you read the device ID of Megawin 8051 IC and what*s the ID of each IC?

When IFADRL is set as 1, you may read the High Byte ID from SCMD, whereas you read the Low Byte ID when IFADRL is set as 0.

Device ID List and How to check Megawin IC Sample Code:


IC Part number MSB(High Byte) LSB(Low Byte)
MPC89x51 0xF0 0x01
MPC89x52 0xF0 0x02
MPC89x53 0xF0 0x04
MPC89x54 0xF1 0x04
MPC89x58 0xF1 0x08
MPC89x515 0xF1 0x10
MPC82x52 0xF2 0x02
MPC82x54 0xF3 0x04
MPC82G516 0xF4 0x10


char check_is_MPC82G516()



If(SCMD != 0x10)

Return FAIL;


If(SCMD != 0xf4)

Return FAIL;



The second DPTR have any restrict when use it?

The second DPTR only support MOVX.



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