Technical Support

Technical Support

8051 Series issues

Why I set interrupt is Falling edge, but can*t enter Power-Down mode?

Because when IC enter Power Down Mode is no clock, therefore External Interrupt 0 only can detect Low Duty to enter Interrupt, that is why you can*t enter Power Down Mode.

How to setup Time Out of Watch Dog and how long is maximum time?

Set PS2-0 to 111 is the maximum time of Time Out,

The maximum time is about 16777s when run at 6MHz crystal, and run 12MHz crystal about 8389s.

s MCU will reset when Time Out?

Yes, when enable WDT need to set CLRW to 1 before timeout, else MCU will reset.

What is WRF?

WRF will be set to 1 when WDT overflow賸,

Program can check this bit to know reset is by WDT or not.

When MCU run in Idle Mode Watch Dog still active?

No, but set WIDL to 1 can let Watch Dog still counting at Idle Mode.

How can I select IC if Keil not support Megawin*s IC?

Please download and install Megawin*s database for keil, then you can select all Megawin*s MCU, show as picture:

What is Low Voltage Reset?

When set LVR to 1 will enable Low Voltage Reset,

Low Voltage about 2.4V, if Vcc lower then 2.4V MCU will be reset by LVR.

If LVR not enable, Vcc lower then 2.0V will be reset.

Ps: Recommend enable LVR is more safety if system operating frequency higher then 12MHz.



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