About Megawin

About Megawin

Sustainable Development


Conflict-Free Metals

Megawin Technology Co., Ltd., as a responsible corporate citizen committed to corporate social responsibility and the respect of international human rights, hereby makes the following statement regarding minerals originating from armed conflict, illegal mining, and poor working conditions (hereinafter referred to as "conflict minerals"):
Megawin products will take relevant measures to avoid the use of such conflict minerals. We require our suppliers to conduct thorough investigations into whether the sources of metals such as gold, tantalum, tin , tungsten, cobalt and mica, and other metals in their products are from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. We will request suppliers to provide information obtained from these investigations when necessary. We will continue to monitor and address the issue of conflict minerals to mitigate its impacts.

Environmental Policy

Comply with environmental laws and regulations.
Good corporate responsibility.
Continuous improvement for environment.
Enhance the effectiveness of the environment.
Highly committed to prevent pollution.
Promote the sustainability of MEGAWIN business.

Megawin Technology Commitment:

We will communicate to our suppliers our expectation that the sources of materials procured by our company will not originate from conflict areas. We will continuously monitor practices in our direct supply chain procurement to avoid acquiring metals with disputed origins.



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