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Sep 30,2020

Megawin Launched Its Brand New MG82F6D32/MG82F6D64 MCUs


The MG82F6D32/MG82F6D64 MCUs keep the advantages of the hot-selling product MG82F6D17. In addition to expanding Flash Size and Ram Size, the new devices also increase the number of ADC/UART sets in response to IoT requirements. The newly added functions include: OBM, ACMP and Duty Capture...etc.

The MG82F6D32/MG82F6D64 MCUs are embedded with up to 4 sets of UART, which can be connected to a variety of sensors. Megawin’s exclusive ”HW Duty Capture” can capture high-speed PWM signals. The devices also provide EMB to expand NAND/8080 LCM interface.
The MG82F6D32/MG82F6D64 MCUs are equipped with 144Mhz high speed PWM, which reduces both inductor size and charge and discharge ripple, and also enables higher resolution for frequency adjustment. Furthermore, the ADC is upgraded to 12bit with a maximum speed up to 1.2Mbps.

Megawin also provides complete IP Wizard to speed up customers’ project development.
There are QFN32, LQFP32, QFN48, LQFP48, and LQFP64 for customers to choose from. All package types are pin-to-pin compatible with previous MCU series.
The MG82F6D32/MG82F6D64 MCUs are especially suitable for industrial control applications such as mobile phone screens, electric tools, auto-reclosing, wireless charging, electric meters, and household appliance applications (including access control system (video intercom), range hoods, water heaters, window cleaning machines, beauty apparatus etc.).
Especially, the built-in CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) for home appliances ensures that there will be no risks to users because safety-check function is executed from power- on, and also make product meet IEC-60730-compliance which is the necessary requirement for exporting to European
Please contact Megawin’s distributors or Sales for more information on detailed specifications and sample requirements.

Megawin Taiwan Head Office
Address: 7F-1, No. 8, Taiyuan 1st St., Jhubei City, Hsinchu County 30288, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
TEL: 886-3-5601501



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