8051 MCU
USB 8051 MCU
84 Series

General Description

MG84FL54 is an enhanced single-chip 8-bit microcontroller manufactured in an advanced Embedded-Flash process. The instruction set is fully compatible with that of the 8051. With the enhanced CPU core, the device needs only 1 to 7 clock cycles to complete an instruction, and thus provides much higher performance than the standard 8051, which needs 12 to 48 clock cycles to complete an instruction. So, at the same performance as the standard 8051, the device can operate at a much lower speed and thereby greatly reduce the power consumption.

The device has on-chip 16KB Flash memory that is parallel programmable (via a universal programmer), In-System Programmable (via USB DFU). ISP allows the device to alter its own program memory without being removed from the actual end product under software control. This opens up a range of applications that need the ability to field update the application firmware. The other important and useful feature, In-Application-Programming (IAP), provides the device with the ability to save non-volatile data in its Flash memory.

And in addition to the 256 bytes of internal scratch-pad RAM, the device has 576 bytes of on-chip expanded RAM (XRAM) for the applications that require extra memory. The device has also four 8-bit I/O ports and one 4-bit I/O ports, three 16-bit timers/counters, a multi-source/two-priority-level/nested interrupt structure, an enhanced UART input. More important, the added features such as KBI, SPI, TWSI bus and USB1.1 make it a powerful microcontroller and suitable for wide field applications.

  • * 1-T 8051 CPU Core
  • * 16K bytes of on-chip Flash program memory with ISP/IAP function
  • * 256 bytes internal scratch-pad RAM and 576bytes on-chip expanded RAM (XRAM)
  • * Dual DPTR (Data Pointer register)
  • * Four and half configurable I/O ports
  • * Three 16-bit Timers
  • * Enhanced UART
  • * Two-priority-level interrupt structure
  • * Additional external interrupts, INT2 and INT3
  • * Keypad interrupt (P0)
  • * Wake-up from power-down mode
  • * Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)
  • * 2-wire Serial Interface (TWSI)
  • * One-time-enabled Watch-dog Timer (WDT)
  • * Programmable system clock
  • * USB specification 2.0 and 1.1 compliant
    • *Built in full speed (12Mbps) USB transceiver
    • *Intel 8X931 like USB control flow
    • *One 256 bytes FIFO for USB endpoint-shared buffer
      • Maximum 64 bytes data for EP0 control-in/out buffer
      • Maximum 64 bytes data for EP1 bulk/interrupt-in buffer
      • Maximum 64 bytes data for EP2 bulk/interrupt/isochronous-in buffer, it could be configured to two 32 bytes dual-buffer-mode in bulk and isochronous operating.
      • Maximum 64 bytes data for EP3 bulk/interrupt/isochronous-out buffer, it could be configured to two 32 bytes dual-buffer-mode in bulk and isochronous operating. Additionally, it also can be configured to an interrupt-in buffer on EP3 function.
    • *Supports USB suspend/resume and remote wake-up
    • *Software-controlled USB connection/disconnection mechanism
    • *Support USB DFU (Device Firmware Update), EasyCOM , EasyPOD
  • * Power saving modes :
    • *Idle mode
    • *Power-down mode
  • * Operating condition :
    • *Operating voltage: 2.4 ~ 5.5V on VDD_IO, 2.7V ~ 3.6V on VDD_Core and VDD_PLL, 3.0V~3.6V on VDDA.
  • * Operating speed range: DC to 24MHz @VCC>3.0V

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