Corporate Outline
Megawin Technology Co., Ltd. is located at the Taiyuan Science Park, and primarily focuses on MCU design and sale.  

Our company was formed by a group of intellectual MCU software/hardware platform specialists, and we provide full services in every MCU field. For our IC product line, we believe that we have to supply qualify firmware solutions to our customers. We are also continuously building firmware tool kits for our customers.

For IC operating conditions, we target higher immunities, wider operation voltages, and larger operation temperature ranges. We are adding more analog modules to IC to conveniently capture natural signals, and also to build more serial interfaces to convert to digital signals. Another major aim is to lower the MCU power consumption in the embedded platform.

For firmware tool kits, we provide complete development solution tools such as ICE, Writer, and ISP Programmer, and we partner with well-known companies such as Hi/Lo, Leap and Labtool to service the Writer. Megawin constantly pursues to perfect the ICE Emulation environment for customers to develop their firmware.