USB 产品
Smart Charge IC
MG26x7xx series

General Description

A low-cost USB High Voltage Dedicated Charging Port (HVDCP) specification BC1.2 Interface IC. It works smart to support Apple device by support 10W or 12W @ 5V & Samsung Device. It also fit for Quick Charge 5V, 9V, 12V, and 20V standard. MG26P700 will automatically detect the input device and give the proper feedback to the Powered Device (PD) before supply the power. If the PD not supports the high charging voltage, MG26P700 will safely provide the standard 5V.

  • 特性
  • * Support Quick Charge
    • *5V, 9V, 12V and 20V
  • * Support Apple 5W, 10W and 12W charge mode
  • * Backward compatible with USB Battery charging Specification V1.2 (BC 1.2) Dedicated Charging Port (DCP)
  • * Typical 3uA Standby Current
  • * Application:
    • *Wall Adapter
    • *Power Bank
    • *Car charger
    • *Portable Device
  • * Package Type
    • *SOP10 : MG26P700AS10

  • * 数据手册 *