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MEGAWIN Products
6502 MCU
IO Type 6502 MCU
MLC0xx series

General Description

MLC081B series integrates an 8-bit CPU core, SRAM, timer, D/A and system control circuits by a CMOS silicon gate technology. The ROM can store voice, melody, data table and program.

Twenty-four I/O pins can be used for keypad control, motor control, IR application, LED indicators or communication with other systems. This chip can implement a dual tone melody function with programmable envelope, which can perform harmonic music with different timbres.

This chip is very suitable for instruments, speech products, and intelligent educational toys, etc.

  • * Single chip 8-bit CPU
  • * Operation voltage: 2.4V to 5.5V
  • *Memory
    • *ROM (shared by program and data): 256K ~ 48KBytes
    • *Data RAM: 256 Bytes
  • * 24 input/output pins with wake-up function
  • *Two power-down modes for saving power consumption:
    • *Sleep mode: micro-controller no operation (main- and sub-oscillator still oscillating)
    • *Stop mode: micro-controller no operation(all oscillators stop oscillating)
  • * Two current DAC output for voice synthesizer
  • * Dual-channel melody with programmable envelope
  • * One serial input port and voltage comparator built-in
  • * Three re-loadable 16-bit timers
  • * One watchdog timer built-in
  • *Oscillator
    • *Single or dual clock operation is selected by code option
    • *Main oscillator operation at crystal or RC mode is selected by code option
    • *Crystal/Ceramic oscillator up to 4MHz @ 2.4V and 8MHz @ 3.6Voption
    • *RC oscillator up to 4MHz @ 2.4V
  • *Selection Information:
      MLC081B MLC061B MLC041B MLC031B MLC021B MLC017B

    (Program ROM)

    256K x 8-bit
    (32K x 8-bit)
    192K x 8-bit
    (32K x 8-bit)
    128K x 8-bit
    (32K x 8-bit)
    96K x 8-bit
    (32K x 8-bit)
    64K x 8-bit
    (32K x 8-bit)
    48K x 8-bit
    (32K x 8-bit)


    24 24 24 24 24 24
  • *Application Field
    • *Toy controller
    • *General IR controller

  • * Data Sheet *

  • Tools
  • * Megawin 6502ICE *