8051 MCU
USB 8051 MCU

General Description

MG84FL54RBD is a highly integrated USB audio controller. The MG84FL54RBD can control most voice CODEC or audio CODEC via I2S interface. It is very suitable for USB headset, USB earphone or USB audio interface box application. Many features are programmable with internal option register. In addition, The audio volume adjustment can be controlled by volume up, volume down and mute pins, which are compliant with USB HID specification. MG84FL54RBD allow customer to modify PID, VID and product string via the DFU software.

  • * Compliant with USB specification v1.1/v2.0.
  • * Compliant with USB audio device class specification v1.0.
  • * Compliant with USB HID device class specification v1.11.
  • * Compatible with Win98SE/WinME/Win2K/WinXP and MacOS9.2.1/MacOS10.2 without additional driver.
  • * Supports USB full speed 12Mbits/s serial data transmission.
  • * Supports USB suspend/resume and remote wake-up.
  • * 48K, 24K, 12K, 32K, 16K and 8K sampling rate for both playback and recording.
  • * Digital I2S/Left_justified master interface for stereo audio output.
  • * Digital I2S/Left_justified master interface for mono audio input.
  • * Support PCM interface.
  • * Option for audio-out mixer with audio-in channel.
  • * Key scan of volume up, volume down, playback mute support USB HID for host synchronization.
  • * Enhanced UART up to baud rate 115200 and down to 1200.
  • * SPI Master/Slave mode with data rate 2M/1M/500K/250K.
  • * Master/Slave mode for two wire serial interface.
  • * Single 12MHz crystal input with on-chip PLL and embedded USB transceiver.
  • * Embedded Megawin enhanced 80C51(1T) central processing unit.
  • * On-chip 16K bytes Flash for internal uC program memory.
  • * On-chip 256 bytes SRAM for internal uC access.
  • * One time enabled Watch-Dog-Timer.
  • * On-chip power on reset and low voltage reset.
  • * Provided USB endpoints
    • *Max. 64 bytes for EP0 Control-In/Out transfer.
    • *Max. 64 bytes for EP1 Interrupt/Bulk-In transfer.
    • *Max. 64 bytes for EP2 Interrupt/Bulk-In buffer.
    • *Max. 64 bytes for EP3 Interrupt/Bulk-In/Out buffer, default is Interrupt-Out buffer.
    • *Max. 192 bytes for EP4 Isochronous-Out transfer.
    • *Max. 96 bytes for EP5 Isochronous-In transfer.

  • * Package Dimension *

  • Tools
  • * Megawin 8051 Writer U1 *
  • Reference
  • * Developement Kit *