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MEGAWIN Products
LED Lighting Driver
MG39U1xx series
The MG39U103 is a constant current LED driver designed for high voltage DC power applications.
It deliveries 50mA +/-5%、70mA +/-5% or 80mA +/-5% output current at an input range 7.5V ~ 350V.
With state-of-the-art design skill, MG39U103 is suitable to drive LED lamp through high voltage DC power directly. No external components required.
The device is available in TO-252 / SOP8 package or dice form.
  • Features
  • * 50mA、70mA or 80mA +/-5% constant current output
  • * Operation voltage (VA-VB), 7.5 ~ 350V
  • * Temperature compensated
  • * Can be paralleled for higher current
      • Order Information
          Package DICE TO-252 SOP8

  • * Data Sheet *