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MEGAWIN Products
LED Lighting Driver
MG39U1xx series
The MG39136 is a high precision linear LED driver.
It is designed to drive a 3‐taps LED string directly form AC line input.
Electrolytic capacitor is not required; so long operating life is possible to achieve.
EMI filter and PF correction circuits are not required.
The LED string is configured into 3 segments. The AC voltage and line‐input current could be tuned in phase, so the high PF is possible.
The ILED current is programmed by only one external resister to fulfill various types of power requirement. The maximum supported wattage is 12W.
The device is available in e-SOP8 package or dice form.
  • Features
  • * ILED current is programmable with only one external resistor, Iout typical ~ 150mA
  • * No inductor, electrolytic capacitor
  • * PF>0.95
  • * THDi < 20%
  • * High power efficiency, 80%~90%
  • * LED TRIAC support
  • * Temperature compensated
  • * TRIAC application and power stabilization control is selected by factory trim
  • * 8Pin e-SOP Package
      • Order Information
          Package DICE e-SOP8

  • * Data Sheet *