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MEGAWIN Products
LED Lighting Driver
MG291xx series
The MG29113 is a high precision linear LED driver. The current is programmable through an external resister.
The maximum delivery current is 120mA. The driving scheme can be configured as one tap or multi tap structure.
Since voltage applied on IC is minimized when conducting, the lighting efficiency is high.
The AC voltage and line‐input current could be tuned in phase, so high PF is possible.
The LED strings can be configured with different structures: one tap, multi-taps and two taps with equivalent light output. Also the IC can be placed in parallel for high wattage output.
The device is available in SOT89 package or dice form.
  • Features
  • * ILED current is programmable with only one external resistor, Iout max. ~ 120mA
  • * No inductor, electrolytic capacitor
  • * Support one LED string with one tap or multi tap application
  • * PF>0.95
  • * THDi < 20%
  • * High power efficiency, 80%~90%
  • * LED TRIAC support
  • * Temperature compensated
  • * 3Pin SOT-89 Package
      • Order Information
          Package DICE SOT89

  • * Data Sheet *