Develop Tools
Name Description Version Size (kb) Download Hits
OCD32 MLink Megawin Cortex-M0 series on-chip-debugger ICE, ICP32 Programmer & Database for Keil Matching H/W:TH185A_MLink v1.5.0.1 19,802.35 104
Writer32 U1Plus Writer32_U1Plus is AP of megawin’s writers(TH200A_U1Plus-D). The PC-Site AP corresponding to U1Plus supports megawin’s CMx series 32-bit MCUs. v1.2.0.4 3,518.74 101
COM ISP32 COM_ISP32 is megawin’s PC-site AP corresponding to standard ISP code, which supports megawin CMx series 32-bit MCUs via PC COM port or megawin's USB to UART bridge product. v1.1.0.0 4,272.79 272
MG32CoGen The “MG32CoGen” is a software designed for megawin’s M0 series. It is a graphical tool that users can configure the initial settings of GPIO and CSC module very easily and produce the sample project used in Keil-MDK. v1.0.0.5 24,986.60 201