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OCD8_MLink OCD8_MLink is an ICE development kit used by megawin in Keil C IDE. It supports 8bit chips of the megawin 8051 series; this kit provides OCD (On-Chip-Debug) real-time debugging function. Users only need to reserve 6 pins for megawin. OCD-ICE development tool (TH185A_MLink) is fine. In addition, the megawin ICP8_Programmer software is also provided in the package, which can perform program code, program hardware option and offline mode functions through MLink. v1.4.0.1 2,670.04 152
Writer8_U1Plus Writer8_U1Plus is AP of megawin’s writers(TH200A_U1Plus-D). The PC-Site AP corresponding to U1Plus supports megawin’s 8051 series 8-bit MCUs. In addition to writing the entire flash area in On-Line mode, Writer8_U1Plus can also write MCU H/W Options. Moreover, Writer8_U1Plus provides megawin’s standard ISP code and Off-Line mode functions as well. This AP can also generate MPJ generation tools for customers. v1.4.0.1 2,974.52 129
COM_ISP8 COM_ISP8 is megawin’s PC-site AP corresponding to standard ISP code, which supports megawin 8051 series 8-bit MCUs via PC COM port or megawin's USB to UART bridge product. v1.4.0.0 3,979.09 165
Megawin 8051 U1 Writer Megawin 8051 series writer Matching H/W:TH096A_8051Writer_U1 v4.00 1,172.97 252
U1 Writer Recovery How to Recovery U1 Writer v2 572.83 1266
Megawin 8051 ISP ICP Programmer Megawin 8051 series in system programmer (default) & in circuit programmer. (WIN8 supported) v7.5.0.0 1,690.60 270
Megawin 8051 COM Port ISP Megawin 8051 ISP via COM port. COMBO ISP supported v3.27.0.0 934.20 1162
Megawin 8051 OCD ICE for KEIL Megawin 8051 series on-chip-debugger ICE & Database for Keil Keil Matching H/W:TH065E_OCD_ICE v3.21.0.0 2,626.05 281
OCD ICE Recovery How to Recovery OCD ICE v1.00 382.31 934
8051 EV Board 8051 EV Board v1.70 13,399.54 201