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MEGAWIN Launched Ultra High Voltage Constant Current Regulator for Solid State Lighting Systems
Issue on: 2013-04-26

Megawin Technology Co., Ltd., a MCU and mixed-signal IC based design house, introduced the MG39U103-0x0 series of ultra high voltage Constant Current Regulators (CCR) designed for use in solid state lighting systems.

To make LED lighting products lighter and thinner, suitable for a variety of design, and easy to manufacture, Megawin provides MG39U103-0x0─the first generation of ultra high voltage CCR. The new MG39U103-0x0 series of CCRs could be implemented on exterior lanterns, garden lights, work lamps, lighting panels and decorative illumination applications. With 700V process, these new CCRs are capable of withstanding transient voltage above 500V, and passing EN61000-4-5 (Surge Immunity Test) without using Surge Protector when embedded on maximum 25W (watts) lighting products. The new MG39U103-0x0 series of CCRs protect against the sudden surges that are commonplace in such lighting applications. Also, their negative temperature coefficient helps to protect the LEDs from thermal runaway at extreme voltage and current levels. As a result, the long-term operation of the lighting system is assured.

As the trend for LED driver circuit continues to shrink, the requirement of Driver On Board is finally realized (on LED lighting board) by omitting components like inductor and capacitor. The Driver-on-Board structure offers the lighting manufacturers a more straight forward development process and maximizes design flexibility. Even working in extreme temperature of -40℃, the series of CCR remain its great characteristics, thus providing a high reliable, low failure rate and more cost-effective option.

25W max LED lights using the new MG39U103-0x0 series of CCRs, such as GX-53, PAR30 and PAR38, are UL and CE certified. These products are marketed in Europe, the U.S., Japan and Southeast Asia, and has shipped more than hundreds of thousands sets.