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MEGAWIN Developed A New USB Multi-Media Keyboard IC
Issue on: 2013-05-22

Megawin Technology Co., Ltd., a microcontroller and mixed-signal IC based design house, announced the MA102─a new IC specially designed for USB multi-media keyboard. In addition to including excellent EMC performance of the Megawin USB MCUs, the new MA102 is low power-consumption and conforms to USB HID specification. Users can use built-in HID drivers of all operation interfaces to communicate with devices, thus fulfill users' compatibility requirements.

The new MA102 embeds with ±1.5% high precision oscillator and has A grade noise immunity performance. Without using any EMI suppression component, the MA102 EMI test result is far lower than -20dB (referring to the following figure). In addition to standard keyboards and multi-media function keys, the MA102 also supports backlight keyboards, 10mA above I/O port, and meets most of the keyboard applications. The MA102 can greatly shorten customers' time to market.

Considering production procedure and the cost of external components, the MA102 requires only basic resistors, capacitors and LED indicators, thus providing users a superior cost-effective option.