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Megawin’s MCU gains the AEC-Q100 certification, start to race on the automotive market.
Issue on: 2023-06-15

Megawin Technology’s MGEQ1C064AD48 has passed AEC-Q100 (Grade 2) certification to meet the stringent production requirements for automotive products, which can help achieve those controls and supports for in-vehicle applications, helping customers to accelerate solution development and shorten the time to mass production.

This MGEQ1C064AD48 is an AEC-Q100 certified MCU for vehicle control that meets the high reliability and stability requirements of automotive application. It can be used in a wide range of automotive applications, such as automotive fire extinguishers, windows, windshield wipers, smart locks, interior air conditioning, ambient lighting, power seats, power tailgate, dynamic taillights, automotive lighting systems, dashboards, in-car audio entertainment, central navigation, in-car wireless charging and smart cockpit systems.

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