Distributor Wanted in Overseas
We are now on the lookout for distributor in oversea. If you are interested in becoming our business partner, please feel free to contact us with the email address sales@megawin.com.tw.

Megawin is a professional IC design house, which offers a broad range of micro-controllers that are all flash based (2KB-64KB) and equipped with standard 8051 core or high-speed 1T 8051 core. Megawin 8051 MCU can replace the alike parts of Atmel or NXP. Besides 8051 MCU, the ARM Cortex-M0 core(MG32F02A Series) are also available. We’ll develop more M0 products including the MCU with USB interface.

For firmware tool kits, we provide complete development solution tools such as ICE (In-circuit emulator), Writer, and ISP(In-System Program) Programmer, and we partner with well-known companies such as Hi/Lo, Leap and Labtool to service the Writer. Megawin constantly pursues to perfect the ICE Emulation environment for customers to develop their firmware.

Most of our MCU products are manufactured in TSMC, one of the best foundry fabs worldwide. Megawin has earned the certification from Certification Body at TÜV NORD CERT Gmbh in the field of IC design and manufacture quality system in February 13, 2001. Satisfy ISO 9001:2008 requirements, and registration ID is 04 100 010683.