Working Environment & Accident Prevention

Safety & Health Management

To prevent accidents and protect employees’ safety and health as well as Company assets, Megawin adheres to the following management principle.
  • Access Security:
    Tai Yuen Hi-Tech Industrial Park, where Megawin locates, appoints security professionals to well-guarded 24 hours a day. Surveillance cameras have been set to monitor all exterior and major interior entrances and exits of the building. For protecting employees and property, security management during nighttime and on weekends is highly strengthened as well.
  • Fire Safety:
    Tai Yuen Hi-Tech Industrial Park appoints manufacturers to maintain and repair fire-fighting equipment (e.g. fire alarms, fire extinguishers) and appoints exclusive personnel to check records regularly to identify any problems with equipment. The Park also conducts major annual emergency response exercises and evacuation drills for carrying out a corporate-wide fire risk mitigation project focused on responsibility of fire protection.
  • Environmental Safety:
    For keeping good quality of drinking water, Megawin appoints manufacturers to check-up both the drinking water and water dispenser quarterly. Disinfection and cleaning of the premises by specialized personnel have been taken periodically to maintain tidiness and cleanliness of employees’ working environment.


Free Periodic Health Check-ups

  • Physical examination is provided to all employees by medical institutions from local reputable hospital to provide employees with health consultation services.